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Cortex works with enterprise organisations to transform the way they operate using the Cortex Intelligent Automation Platform. Organisations needing to increase efficiencies in operations, reduce budgets, and deliver more whilst remaining operationally agile can successfully use Cortex technology to address this.


Cortex is the first integrated platform to provide complex event management, machine intelligence and orchestrated process automation in a single unified automation platform. Cortex can take simple repetitive tasks and processes along with those which require complex reasoning and applies efficiencies, analysis and decision making at machine speed. Importantly, Cortex Intelligent Automation is uniquely designed to manage exceptions and escalations without the automated activities failing.

The Cortex Intelligent Automation platform integrates simply with existing business systems, technologies, and services. Whilst the foundation is based on a complex technology, using it is specifically focused on being simple and intuitive. Our customers are able to rapidly build, own and extend their own automation solutions to improve productivity, increase agility, and maximise the use of existing assets. The Cortex platform has been designed and developed to work visually. Building automation is done by simply dragging and dropping block icons, there is no need to be able to write script or code. Cortex Intelligent Automation Platform’s secure web user interface enables role based access and controlled collaboration. This enables organisations to have their subject matter experts, those who know how organisations work at the heart of automation.

Cortex Intelligent Automation effectively manages how IT, Network or Business processes and activities are executed. Cortex delivers this through using proven automation deployment methods and approaches. We collaborate closely with our partners & customers to establish long-term relationships. Our strategic partnerships with both leading global organisations such as Capgemini and TechMahindra, regional and local partners, are built on shared values and mutual successes. Together we create lasting value for our customers through world leading, easy to use, and rapid to deploy, cost compelling transformational solutions.

Cortex is a benefactor partner of AIIA.net. In this resource center you will find insight and analysis from their expert team.



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