Transforming the future of work [webinar]

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Seth Adler

How can automation advance your intelligent enterprise? Find out by joining us for the first in the AIIA Webinar Series

The future of work is a concept that’s now consistently bandied about in all circles. How can organizations get the best out of their brightest? And how can the best employees get the most out of work? The answer to these commonly asked questions might be one in the same—intelligent automation.

Join us on June 27th 2018, for Transforming the Future of Work—the first webinar in this series.  Here, you will discover how organizations and workers can realize the benefits  of intelligent automation and how it is possible to have greater access to control of process while reducing complexity. 

We know that robotic process automation (RPA) implementations don’t always succeed and the failures showcase the inverse with efficiency, control and complexity. Then reasons not to implement run the gamut and include shortage of people and skills, lack of documentation of existing processes, and a true cultural resistance. 

Jonathan Hobday, resident expert from Cortex, will outline how best to define objectives for your automation transformation program. He will offer alternative means with which to understand your operations. Compare and contrast hybrid automation and next generation models and take you through a selection of initial targets.

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From preparation to agile, Hobday will demonstrate how straightforward it can be.


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Every two weeks, we’ll have a thought-provoking, key takeaway webinar focused on the primary issues facing corporate enterprise practitioners.

The first three webinars will be presented by:

June 27: Cortex 

July 18:  EdgeVerve 


July 30:  Thoughtonomy 

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