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Seth Adler

This February roundup of GBS articles, webinars, whitepapers, and a bonus eBook includes resources to help your enterprise make the most of shared services.


Why Financial Benchmarking Really Matters

Financial benchmarking can help your business to set realistic financial goals. Some business owners like setting goals that are too high and risky, which eventually hurts their business when unfulfilled, and end up setting low targets which can be achieved quickly but means they’ll be still underperforming.

This article asks and answers the following questions:

  • What do we mean by financial benchmarking?
  • How does it work?
  • What are some examples?
  • Why is it so important to know where you stand?


Robotic Process Automation and AI in Shared Services

Implementing RPA and AI is not an easy journey, but shared service organizations that embrace these technologies will be at the forefront of their field – and the best friends of their parent business.

This article discusses:

  • Scaling up artificial intelligence
  • Streamlining complex processes
  • Delivering business value


10 Robotic Process Automation Predictions for 2020

Last year saw robotic process automation experience significant growth, traditional functions like customer contact function, data management departments, finance and HR have been furiously piloting RPA projects as the new decade represents significant opportunities for businesses to automate manual rules-based activities. Read this article for Rakesh Sangani’s 10 predictions.


5 Reasons GBS Adds Value to the Digital Enterprise

According to SSON’s most recent industry survey (2020), GBS is the preferred target operating model for Shared Services leaders around the world, with a large segment already committed to the model, and another planning to move to GBS within the next five years.

So what is it that makes GBS so attractive? How does it drive value? And how do you get there? This article discusses:

  1. Engine for digital transformation
  2. Business partnership & customer experience
  3. Making the future of work happen
  4. Smarter decisions through data
  5. Benefits beyond service delivery


[VIDEO] Human Powered Computer Vision for Your Enterprise

In this video, learn how to get over your OCR hurdle and gain value from content read by computer vision from disparate sources.

OCR can only take you so far. If you've got disparate content from disparate sources you need computer vision for your enterprise. But you don't need a team of computer scientists!

Shrikant Deo from Edgeverve takes you through how you can employ human powered computer vision at your enterprise now and automate your processes between 40-70%.


[WEBINAR] Take Your Shared Services Organisation into the New Decade

The largest and longest running shared services and outsourcing event in Europe celebrates its 20th anniversary in May, and we want you to take advantage of the knowledge and know-how from our 600+ attendees. 

This free, on-demand webinar discusses the following:

  • Top trends from SSON’s 2020 survey & who will be addressing each topic at SSOW
  • Finance & HR benchmarks from SSON analytics to plan your CI roadmap at the event
  • 20 reasons to attend the 20th SSOW Europe
  • The delegate experience
  • Brand new event features
  • A case study detailing how the event directly impacted an SSO to convince your boss to attend


[WHITEPAPER] Improve Communication Across Finance

Finance and Accounting professionals are traditionally numbers people with exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, but the ability to communicate well – both verbally and orally – is equally as important; particularly as finance embraces a more advisory role.

A well-run meeting or well-written email outlining key actions can make all the difference between a large-scale project – and sinking or swimming!

Trying to communicate well via old-fashioned manual processes means that financial close isn’t just a frustrating set of tasks, but can turn into a nightmare. Clear communication is impossible when data is spread across countless binders, documents, and team members’ heads.

But modern technology changes that. Enter collaborative dashboards. All the data can be kept in the same place, providing a single source of truth, capturing all inputs, and allowing for much better communications and collaboration between colleagues.

Download this whitepaper for tips on more effective and efficient communication across finance processes.


[WHITEPAPER] From Artificial Intelligence to Financial Intelligence

AI continues to be a subject of debate and speculation, fear and fascination, and definitely raises a lot of questions. This whitepaper sponsored by Yooz aims to explain clearly how artificial intelligence applies to financial and accounting processes, and its predictable effects.

In this white paper, Yooz thought leaders explore:

  1. Origins of AI and an overview of other emerging technologies, such as optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning
  2. The future of accounts payable and leveraging AI to automate financial processes
  3. Smart automation and the positive impact on finance processes
  4. How intelligent AP automation powered by AI ensures the mitigation, even elimination, of finance workflow challenges and leads to real profits
  5. The transition of finance teams from being task-oriented to making more value-added contributions to the entire organization.


[EBOOK] AI & RPA: The Technology Powering P2P Digital Transformation

This short and to-the-point eBook explores the technology behind digital transformation — RPA and AI. It’ll explain what they are, what they’re not and how you can leverage them to create a highly efficient, end-to-end procure-to-pay (P2P) process.

This insightful eBook tells you everything you need to know about the technology behind P2P digital transformation — RPA and AI — and outlines the host of strategic benefits they provide including:

  • Complete visibility over all interactions & transactions thanks to tailored dashboards
  • Enhanced speed & accuracy by removing redundant tasks & human processing errors
  • Optimized staff productivity with more time to perform business-critical tasks