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Seth Adler

Business processes and solutions continue to evolve. To keep you up to date, we’ve gathered our favorite GBS expert resources for this October roundup.  


Articles & Demos

  1. A Prelude to Intelligent Automation: Preparation is Key

In the digital age the canvas of Intelligent Automation (IA) comprising of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing etc. is expanding rapidly. 

While the interest in embracing IA is heartening, the purpose of this article is to dwell upon some of nuances to be considered before implementing IA solutions.


  1. Human powered computer vision for your enterprise [DEMO DAY]

Gain enterprise value Get over your OCR hurdle and gain value from content read by computer vision from disparate sources. Use your current talent OCR can only take you so far. If you've got disparate content from disparate sources you need computer vision for your enterprise. But you don't need a team of computer scientists! Automate between 40-70%. Shrikant Deo from Edgeverve takes you through how you can employ human powered computer vision at your enterprise in this demo.



  1. Process Mining & RPA: The Perfect Marriage

Known as the “as-is” vs the “to-be” state identifier, Process Mining analysis provides a clear and complete picture of how a company’s processes really work, in contrast to how employees think they should work.

Managers used to get this analysis through employee interviews. The downsides of such an approach are obvious: subjectivity, limited view, inaccuracy. New Process Mining technology accurately alerts decision makers to the difference between what’s on paper and the real state, by analyzing relevant data from a company’s IT systems' event logs to map and analyze processes as they really happen.

Download this Visual Analytics Report now to learn more.


  1. 7 Key Steps to Delivering a Smart Interaction Center

Delivering exceptional experiences requires companies to combine customer-centric ways with new strategies and techniques empowered by data, analytics and AI. This report with Cognizant and Forrester uncovers 7 key steps to stay ahead of your competitors and deliver a Smart Interaction Center.


  1. SSON Report: Building a Business Case for Cloud Automation

While the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the resulting push for digital transformation has driven the need for all forms of automation, there’s no denying the fact that Cloud-based automation in particular is an exciting and high-potential strategy.

This report looks at why Cloud-based automation is exploding, its clear advantages, and the circumstances under which it makes the most sense.


On-Demand Webinars

  1. AI-Enabled Guided Learning

Companies today can’t afford to waste time and money with inefficient training. They need their employees to be up to speed on the latest and greatest right away regardless of whether it’s a new employee or introducing a new system to an experienced employee.

Join our session and learn how Kryon’s AI-based attended automation solution enables companies, like Verizon, to more efficiently and effectively train their employees.


  1. AI & Software Testing Services: Moving from Smart Analytics to Automation

In this webinar, NelsonHall’s IT Services Practice Director, Dominique Raviart, will discuss the range of AI-based QA offerings available in the market and will provide invaluable advice for senior executives of testing services, as well as IT directors, CTOs and others responsible for making the shift to AI-based testing, and who need an understanding of best practice.


  1. Blue Prism RPA: Driving the Future of Connected Health

This webinar discusses how Connected-RPA is helping the healthcare industry reinvest employee time into higher value activities that support excellence in the future of connected health, including:

  1. How Blue Prism Connected-RPA reduces administrative work and enables better patient care
  2. How Partners Healthcare is leveraging automation to lower cost and support excellence in the patient experience
  3. How automation and the Digital Workforce fit within Healthcare