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Seth Adler

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Customer experience and satisfaction is enhanced in new and creative ways with technology and AI. From mom and pops, startups, and large corporations can all benefit from the application of these modern tools. We have collected this summer’s best articles, reports, whitepapers, how-to guides and on-demand webinars to help you on your journey to enhancing the cusotmer journey.



  1. Using voice assistants for self-service: A vision for the future

The power of voice assistants is made clear by Vijay Balasubramaniyan, CEO and co-founder of Pindrop, with this quote:  “Just imagine if you can do everything on the go without having to stop – for instance, while I’m driving I can just bark out a bunch of interactions and they get done.”


  1. CCW Europe Speaker Spotlight: Schneider Electric's Jochen Sadlers on Digital CX

Digital platforms, self-service tools and knowledge bases help partners become more literate in the products they’re reselling on behalf of the parent company. This includes:

  • Providing a single touchpoint for all customer interactions
  • Adding value through digital platforms
  • Striking a balance between empowering customers and selling a product


  1. Here's how an employee-facing chatbot helps you manage complexity

Tryg, Europe’s largest non-life insurance company, uses an employee-facing chatbot to keep its sales representatives up-to-date on product changes across a portfolio of 38 different life, auto and home insurance products, each with their own distinct policies.


  1. 4 ways to optimize your knowledge base for the employee and customer experience

At a recent ZenDesk Showcase event in New York City, CCW Digital principal analyst Brian Cantor was invited to discuss four ways to optimize your knowledge base for EX and CX. 

  • Knowledge management using technology
  • Make your content discoverable
  • Keep content up-to-date
  • Measure and extend knowledge


  1. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to use employee voices for its voice assistant

Last year, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced four voice-activated services on the Google Assistant that would allow customers to browse destinations, book tickets, pack for the trip and check-in for their flight. 

At the recent VOICE Summit in Newark, KLM announced it was enhancing that service by recording the voices of its actual customer support employees to greet customers on the Google Assistant.


  1. Why voice technology is the next frontier of the patient experience

Voice technology has emerged as the next frontier for self-service in healthcare, promising a more “human” experience and enabling users to access information quickly without navigating a complicated interface. This article touches on:

  • Justifying the business case for voice
  • Voice for patient engagement
  • Removing friction for healthcare providers


Downloadable Studies, Reports, How-tos, and Whitepapers

  1. Special Report: Choosing an AI partner

Like any technology deployment, an AI solution must solve a specific business problem. With such a wide range of use cases for AI, it's important to focus on the outcome you are trying to achieve. 

This Special Report will help you make the best AI investment by showing you how to:

  • Frame the business problem you want to solve with AI
  • Understand the different types of AI technologies that are available
  • Select the optimal AI solution for your business problem


  1. Special Report: Intelligent Routing

In the name of delivering frictionless, personalized, predictive and proactive experiences across your entire journey, it is imperative to adopt a more intelligent approach to routing.

This report will show you how:

  • 5 urgent CX trends — and how they connect to contact center routing
  • Why your existing routing is hurting your customer and agent experiences
  • 7 signs of an intelligent approach to routing
  • Steps to prepare your agents and self-service tools for a new routing strategy


  1. Can customer empathy and AI coexist?

Empathy is not about humans versus AI; it’s about using the best of what both have to offer. The future of AI-based decisioning is a combination of AI insights with human supplied ethical considerations. When many channels don't feature human agents, AI is the key to powering customer engagement and optimization across all channels. Download this study to find out: 

  • Why transparency is key to helping customers better understand how AI works 
  • The reason why AI machines need to be able to explain exactly why a decision was made
  • Customer views on AI and empathy 
  • How companies fail with customer-centric empathy 
  • Customer concerns about AI and bias 
  • How to take control of AI with transparency and empathy 
  • Real-time omnichannel artificial intelligence capabilities


  1. How to create brilliant digital experiences with low-code

In the customer experience battlefield, the speed of innovation is relentless.By reading this report, you will learn that a low code platform:

  • Makes the delivery of end-to-end omnichannel experiences with superior UX/UI easier, by using a single platform and team
  • Enables you to integrate with any system to achieve a 360-degree customer view
  • Offers enterprise-grade security, performance and scalability

Download this whitepaper and see firsthand how OutSystems customers have taken their customer experience to the next level. Hear how:

  • A UK banking company has seen a 30% rise in account openings 
  • A financial tech disruptor shortened its loan application process from 18 days to less than 60 minutes 


  1. How to choose a CRM provider

This exclusive how-to guide is designed to help you select the right CRM solution. Whether you are investing in CRM for the first-time, planning to replace your existing  system or simply determining whether you are getting the most out of your current investment, this guide details the questions you should be asking—and the factors you should be considering.


Free On-Demand Webinars and Videos

  1. Transform your customer service and reduce costs with conversational AI

AI experts from Quantiphi and Google Cloud will reveal how they are making Conversational AI real for their customers.

  • How the solution offerings from Google Cloud & Quantiphi can be used to build reliable conversational engine in a cost effective way at a fast pace
  • How you can get started on the Conversational AI journey
  • How our virtual agents are improving the user experience and reducing costs for organizations


  1. Every employee deserves an AI assist

Join TTEC Digital’s Ryan Swanger for a discussion on how to leverage AI and automation to empower associates to be at their best.

View this on-demand this webinar to learn:

  • How to turn “dumb bots” into Intelligent Virtual Assistants
  • How to apply AI-enabled virtual assistants for quicker training and better customer engagements
  • What it takes to power AI in your contact centers
  • Case studies from leading companies around the globe


  1. National Grid’s customer transformation project manager talks silos

Onsite at CX Utilities, National Grid’s Customer Transformation Project Manager Barry White discusses silos and tips for improving the end to end customer experience with technology.