Structuring for digital enterprise scale

CoE with Juan Araya: Structuring for scale

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Seth Adler

When unlocking scale, considering pace makes a significant difference in terms of how you approach it the strategy which informs the end goal.

Scaling becomes a game of standardizing your processes. So being purposely deliberate with your automation actually might save you time in the long run.

If you're going to ask only one question, it's what do we want your enterprise to look like when we're done?

  • Focus on scale, but scale for what?
  • How is this supporting the business?
  • In what way do we want to scale?
  • What kind of company are we?
  • Are we okay with a huge organization?
  • Do we want to stay very slim?
  • What's the strategy around it?
  • What's the strategy around your finance blueprint?
  • And what are your costs? 

You must know where your strategy is and where your vision is going before you even talk about something like speed or scale