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Seth Adler

New year, new customer. 2020 promises to bring innovative changes and high expectations in the realm of CX. We’ve collected January’s top 11 articles to help get your year—and your customer’s year—off to a great start.


How conversational user interfaces are reshaping customer expectations

Consumer digital assistants like Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon are becoming more integral to how customers choose to extract information from companies. As a result many researchers believe that conversational AI, systems that provide human-like responses that are helpful to users, will soon be first priority for many businesses.

Harald Behnke, director of CX strategy, EMEA at Oracle explores how conversational user interfaces (UI), chatbots, digital assistants, and interactive voice response systems, will reshape the experiences brands need to deliver for customers.


How telecoms firms should select their CX tech partners

Gautam Borah knows only too well the perils facing telecoms companies when it comes to selecting CX technology vendors.

Speaking exclusively to CX Network, Vodafone Idea Ltd.’s India’s vice-president of customer operations advisestelecoms decision-makers to ensure they do not fit their businesses into a technology – “it has to be the other way around”.


Shep Hyken’s words of wisdom for customer experience in 2020

From B2B smart speakers to hyper personalization, customer service expert, Shep Hyken outlines his top CX predictions and advice for 2020, including:

  • Evaluating today’s landscape
  • One key feature customers want but brands fail to deliver
  • What technologies will take shape in 2020
  • How brands should approach new technologies
  • A final piece of CX advice for 2020


Six ways engagement analytics can go beyond the survey

The ability to act upon customer feedback in real-time is labelled as one of the greatest CX opportunities in 2020 in CX Network’s predictions report.

The rich feedback gathered through surveys, such as NPS and C-SAT scores, provide structured data that is easy to understand and use. However, surveys can often stunt a brand’s agility because insights are always captured after the experience, sometimes days or weeks later. This delays the opportunity for CX professionals to make any changes quickly and the context of the conversation can be lost which can complicate the resolution process.

When CX professionals combine the insight captured during customer conversations in contact center with results from solicited feedback surveys, brands can realize the full, “before, during and after” picture of the customer experience.

This guide identifies six tactics to drive improved customer experience including:

  • Combining survey date with contact center interaction data to improve customer experience
  • Predicting NPS, C-SAT and CES scores from every interaction
  • Measuring customer sentiment so agents can deliver a more empathetic CX
  • Bridging the insight-to-action gap to deliver more value to your business

Read this guide to access these tactics and more to upgrade customer experiences.


Three CX investment priorities for contact centers in 2020

Natalee Wiggins from Unify Communications outlines the key investment priorities for contact centers as they transform into proactive experience hubs for customer care in 2020 including:

  • Personalizing interactions with customers
  • Unlocking data silos
  • Agent development and empowerment


CX Guide To The Voice Of The Customer (VoC)

If brands want to survive in today’s age of increased customer expectations, it is vital they have a finger on the pulse of how customers and prospects are feeling.

Rather than basing decisions on internal bias and gut feelings in the boardroom, brands should let the customers do the talking. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many brands. This was seen in CX Network’s Big Book of Customer Insight Data and Analytics, where only 14 per cent of respondents stated that customer feedback always reaches the relevant business units to be actioned.

Here, we share best practice measures to capture and action the voice of the customer. This includes a deep dive into:

  • Accurately reading customer signals
  • Bringing together feedback from a diverse range of sources
  • How to action feedback to drive results

Read this guide from Oracle and CX Network to understand how to leverage customer insights for valuable CX returns.


[Free eBook] The Top 5 CX Challenges Today (and How to Overcome Them With a Journey Analytics Approach)

Exceptional customer experience has never been more critical to the success of a business, or more difficult to achieve. Download this insightful eBook to discover the biggest challenges CX teams are facing today based on new data from a survey of 700+ CX professionals worldwide, and learn how leading teams are overcoming them with a journey-based analytics approach. You'll learn about:

  • The Top 5 CX challenges organizations are facing today 
  • Why these problems are so critical & the risks of failing to solve them
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  • Real-life journey analytics use cases, examples & success stories


What You Need to Know About Fraud In The Contact Center

As seen in a recent article by CCW Digital advisory board member, NYT and WSJ bestselling author, Shep Hyken, more than nine in ten (92% of) consumers in the U.S. are concerned about fraud increasing in their daily activities. And they should be. This article explains why.


Making the Contact Center a Strategic Business Player: Contact Center Trends By Industry

According to a Customer Contact Week Australia report, “phone still remains the top channel (74%) where the majority of customer interactions are happening. It’s interesting to note though that other channels such as web, email, chatbots and social media now handle one quarter of all interactions – a significant figure by all measures.”

Although phone is still king, customers tend to identify phone-related issues like hold times, repetitive questioning and complicated IVRs as their biggest pain points. With the phone functioning as more of a necessary evil than a passionate preference, it should come as no surprise that only 12% of consumers believe brands have made significant improvements to their customer experiences.

This article features insights and best practices from CCW Australia, Deloitte, and The Wall Street Journal.


Airlines Industry Reinventing Customer Service With Latest Tech Trends

This article includes a few examples of innovative alternatives that you’ll most likely be hearing more about in the near future in the realm of airline CX including:

  • American Airlines using Google Nest to translate conversations
  • Delta’s “Parallel Reality” launch
  • JetBlue’s launch with Gladly software


8 CX Design & Strategy Trends You Need To Know: Looking Back On The 2019 Contact Center

Our 2019 survey reveals that only 12% of consumers believe brands have made “significant improvements” to their customer experiences over the past several years. This article contains the  8 key findings on CX design and strategy, according to our 2019 market study.